Our ultimate goal is to offer a practical skill set that you can easily apply to estimate and evaluate real estate investments by yourself - just “like the pros do“. Additionally, we will teach you comprehensive and exclusive expertise to make you understand the asset class “real estate” thoroughly. We do this by offering insight into the methods and training with the tools that prestigious companies use to be effective. This will enable you to consider all possibilities of taking effective action, to assess the main drivers, determine the rules to which real estate investments follow, and to ultimately grasp how to utilize this exclusive knowledge.

   After completing the course, you will be able to offer professional assessments regarding the important question: “How much should be paid for a real estate investment?” For example, it could be either your personal goal to get a position in the real estate field or to lead your own business professionally.

And more importantly: You will find out, that in the end, you will be able to make more well founded and enhanced decisions.



   Mr Luu-Oswald is the ADD!KNOWLEDGE Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His responsibilities include operation growth, course development, and conducting the coaching programs.

   Prior to founding ADD!KNOWLEDGE, Mr Luu-Oswald served in some of the top companies of the international real estate business, most recently at Hines Ltd., Goldman Sachs Realty Management Division, subsequently at Ernst & Young Real Estate Ltd., Hudson Advisors Ltd. / Lone Star Funds.

   Mr Luu-Oswald gratuated from Humboldt University in Berlin with his Master´s degree in Economics.




   Mr DD2 has a degree in business administration and ten years of asset management experience.

     He has worked for several years as a Director in an asset management team, managing a portfolio for Morgan Stanley of more than €500 million. Prior to that, Mr DD2 worked for years at Goldman Sachs Realty Management Division.

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