ADD!KNOWLEDGE is a unique opportunity for ambitious people to take part in an exclusive course to ultimatively improve their knowledge. The lessons you get will definitely...  GIVE YOU THE EXTRA EDGE!


  • Learn the mechanisms and the rules to which real estate investments follow. Get an impression of the underlying factors which are fundamental for value creation through the lifecycle of the investment.
  • Be able to evaluate investments in general as well as investments by other market participants or potential acquisition targets on a robust and professional basis.
  • Gain valuable insights from our exclusive know how.
  • Reassure yourself that the correct asset price has been paid.




  • Be able to make professional decisions with the lessons you learnt, not based on your emotions but on crunching the relevant numbers.
  • Analyze „like the pros“ through the instruments you acquired in this course and be able to build your own scenarios and manipulate assumptions. Be aware of upside potentials but also on downside risks.
  • Be able to spot and never omit important factors and determinants and be aware of pitfalls and avoid false and unrealistic assumptions.
  • Let the investment class appear to you as clear and as transparent as possible in order to feel comfortable when investing in Germany.

From our customers

„After having now completed the course, I am sure Add!Knowledge gave me the best value there is in Real Estate Financial Management trainings.“
Marius L., graduate student Uni Hamburg

„The course is quite interesting and I guess unique as I learned both about Real Estate Asset Management as well as about MS Excel and its capabilities related to financial management. These are valuable skills that I will be able to use in whatever job or position I choose after my business administration studies have concluded.“
Christina D., student LMU Munich

„Although, having known beforehand that Mr LO4 is a seasoned professional and experienced in Real Estate Asset Management, I didn't expect the course and trainer to cover these many aspects and to provide that much insight into critical detail concerning Financial Management in general and, of course, Real Estate insight in particular.“
Mustafa B., student TU Berlin

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